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Danske Glunz & Jensen var på IPEX (Danish)

Den danske iCtP er en populær maskine, og der blev allerede fra første dag på IPEX solgt nogle stykker.

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S.C. pubs estimate plate chemistry

South Carolina newspapers The Island Packet, The Post and Courier of Charleston switched to Agfa's chemistry-free N92-VCF plates as a way to reduce

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Job growth will be in Slovakia (in Danish)

Though Glunz & Jensen remains a very strong company, the financial crisis has been felt in the past year.

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New director knew company (in Danish)

Even though Keld Thorsen, the new CEO of Glunz & Jensen, has only been at the helm since Januaury 1st, he has broad experience in the graphic i

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Recognition from the Orlando Sentinel

“I would like to take a moment on behalf of Orlando Sentinel to recognize your Quality Control and Service Manger, Dave Walter.

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Glunz & Jensen win a huge order (in Danish)

Glunz & Jensen have won a order worth millions for an advanced press plate sorting system for Singapore Press Holding.

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Glunz & Jensen gets its foot in the door in Asia (in Danish)

With a large order from Singapore Press Holdings, Glunz & Jensen increases its chances for winning a larger part of the Asian graphics arts mar

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Glunz & Jensen will sell ink (in Danish)

Today the majority of Glunz & Jensen’s earnings are from the sale of machines and spare parts for the pre-press industry, but going forward, in

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Glunz & Jensen will house a new business complex (in Danish)

Glunz & Jensen will convert their empty buildings from an expense to a profit.

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Acuerdo de distribución entre Envol Graphic y Surpapel para Andalucía y Extremadura

Envol Graphic, distribuidor en España de los equipos iCTP de Glunz & Jensen, ha establecido recientemente un acuerdo de distribución con la emp

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