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Plateline Equipment

PlateLink 46-XR

PlateLink 46-XR can handle plates from the CtP, then feed them to processors, stackers or other plate line equipment.

PlateLink 46-XR can be configured to accept plates from the CtP, automatically rotating them as needed and then feed them out any of its three sides to a processor or other plateline equipment. It can handle multiple lines with rotation capabilities.

The universal design can handle a wide spectrum of plates and plate sizes without special set up or intense programming.

Pre-bake Oven 85/125

  • Delivers precise and uniform pre-baking of thermal plates ensuring consistently high processing quality
  • The balanced air flow ensures an exceptional heating uniformity across the plate within ± 3°C
  • Flexible and simple operation - integrates with all plateline configurations and is adjustable to suit all plate processors

Rinse/Gum Unit 85/125/165

  • Efficient and reliable with minimised footprint
  • Features variable speed, automatic chemistry replenishment and sensor activated operation
  • Available in sizes 85/125/165
  • Easy removal of individual rollers for easy cleaning and service

Post-bake Oven 85/125

Increase plate run length

The press run length of plates is significantly increased by post-baking. The Glunz & Jensen Post-bake Oven offers even and rapid baking of the plates, it is easy to operate and maintain, and is fully compatible to any complete plateline.